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Interdisciplinary Environmental Review (IER: ISSN 0023-6234) is an international journal published semi-annually by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association. IER is an international journal that seeks to present relevant and up-to-date information on environmental issues approached from an interdisciplinary perspective. The journal seeks to enhance communication on environmental issues across traditional disciplinary and political boundaries such that, at a minimum, the main points, arguments, and “take home” message of any article are accessible to readers from any discipline.

All papers submitted to IER are subject to a blind review process from within and outside the principal discipline of the author(s) and must not have been published, accepted, or submitted for publication elsewhere. To facilitate communication between disciplines, authors should make an effort to write their manuscript so as to be understood by an audience outside their discipline, using a minimum of specialized or technical tables, formulae, or jargon.

Electronic submissions are acceptable and encouraged for review purposes. Authorship should be identified only on a separate cover page. The disciplines that best fit your paper should be listed on the cover page. 

For review:

1) Submit manuscripts ready for review in either Word (preferred) or pdf file to the editor using the following contact information:

Dr. Anthony Lumby
Editor, Interdisciplinary Environmental Review
Head, School of Economic and Business Sciences
University of the Witwatersrand
Johannesburg 2050

2) Forward a submission fee of $25, drawn on a U.S. bank (please make checks payable to "IEA/Assumption College") to:

Dr. Kevin Hickey, Business Manager
Interdisciplinary Environmental Association
500 Salisbury St.
Worcester, MA  01615

Details of manuscript formatting and submission can be found at

Founding Editors

Kevin Hickey, USA
Demetri Kantarelis, USA


Dr. Anthony Lumby, South Africa

Associate Editors

Linda Hadfield, UK
Stuart Lynn, USA
Bridget Lyons, USA
James Nicell, Canada
Gary O'Donovan, Australia
David Parsons, UK
Kimberly Reiter, USA
Michael Reiter, USA
Maria Tysiachniouk, Russia

Editorial Board

A. V. Amir, Azerbaijan
Dean Birch, USA
J. Patrick Corrigan, USA
John Crutcher, USA
Carlos de la Parra, Mexico
Charles Flynn, Jr., USA
Takashi Hattori, Japan
C. Y. Kim, Hong Kong
Maria Ipate, Romania
Roger Kasperson, USA
Tibor Machan, USA
John McClymer, USA
Mamdouh Nasr, Egypt
Patricia O'Brien, Australia
Astighine Pasoyan, Armenia
Adam Sweeting, USA
Tom Tietenberg, USA
Meenal Shrivastava, Canada
Siva Ram Vemuri, Australia


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