Kappa Alpha Omicron

Kappa Alpha Omicron

Kappa Alpha Omicron

Kappa Alpha Omicron (KAO), the student chapters and honor society in Interdisciplinary Environmental Science/ Study for the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA), is a new honor society called for in the IEA constitution. The Greek letters of the organization stand for the perspectives that can be used to address environmental issues: Kosmos (the universe), Anthropos (humanity), and Oikos (household [“ekos”]). An active chapter of KAO may be chartered and established in any regularly incorporated and properly accredited four-year college or university granting the Bachelor’s or higher degree (subject to such restrictions as may hereinafter be set forth in the By-Laws of the Association), whereas two-year colleges may apply for an affiliated membership. KAO is designed to offer college/university students (and faculty) working on interdisciplinary environmental issues around the world an academic home and support, a hub for networking across disciplines and countries, and some much-needed recognition for the outstanding interdisciplinary work being performed in this rapidly expanding and much needed academic discipline. The KAO honor society also promotes and encourages new students to enter environmental fields while providing a foundation to support the expansion of environmental research and contacts both here and abroad.

KAO’s first chapters were initiated as part of the 2014 IEA conference (the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment), marking the 20th anniversary of the association. By vote of the IEA, the Alpha chapter of KAO is assigned to Assumption College, the home college of the initial founders of the IEA. Other assigned chapters:

  • Beta:  Bethune-Cookman University (home university of the first elected President)
  • Gamma:  University of the Witwatersrand (home university of the second elected President)
  • Delta:  Marietta College (home college of the third elected President)
  • Epsilon:  Stetson University (home university of the fourth elected President)

All other Single Letter chapters will be assigned to home institutions of the members of the original Advisory Council as requested or in order of application. The following are currently organized chapters:


– Some pictures and information from the Kappa Alpha Omicron initiation ceremony at Washington College.



– The Kappa Alpha Omicron Honors Society of USM in Portland Maine hosted a talk by Dr James Paruk on Loon conservation.



The IEA welcomes inquiries concerning KAO, notifications of interest, and suggestions for organization and initiation. Rules, procedures, and fees are listed on the form. For inquiries or information, contact Dr. Kalim U. Shah (Vice-President and Director of KAO) at kalshah@iun.edu

Click here for the application for forming a new college or university chapter of KAO (pdf, fillable)
Click here for the student registration form
Click here for the student application form (pdf, fillable)