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IEA Consultant List


The purpose of the IEA Consultant List is to provide professionals, academics, and the general public with a simple means of contacting IEA members willing to provide advice and/or assistance for a wide range of interdisciplinary environmental topics. The members are listed by area of specialization, with a brief description of their interests. Feel free to contact the appropriate individual(s) using phone, mail, or the e-mail link provided. Issues of remuneration, if any, are to be arranged with the IEA member contacted. If the listing under your interest is blank, be sure to look in related areas since many IEA members work in more than one field. If you can’t find an individual that suits your needs or if you have questions, please contact Michael Reiter for further assistance.

Academics/Education Accounting Conflict Management
Conservation/Ecotourism Economics Engineering
Environmental Health/Toxicology Ethics Landscape Arch./Urban Design
Policy Resource Management Sustainable Development
Waste Management Water Res. Management  
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Barker, Barry
NOVA Southeastern University
3301 College Ave., P-321
Davie, FL  33314
Voice: (945) 262-8303
URL: http://www.wildspotsfoundation.org
Protecting biodiversity, endangered species, and valuable habitats
through science, technology, and the visual arts.
Reiter, Kimberly D.
Ecotone Consulting, LLC
22 Poinsettia Dr.
DeLand, FL 32724
Voice: (386) 822-7541
Fax: (386) 822-7544
Development of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses and
programs. Design, syllabi,
Reiter, Michael A.
Ecotone Consulting, LLC
22 Poinsettia Dr.
DeLand, FL  32724
Voice: (386) 481-2695
Fax: (386) 481-2662
URL: http://www4.cookman.edu/faculty/reiter/index.html
Development of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses and
programs. Design, syllabi, workshops.
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O’Donovan, Gary
Head, School of Accounting and Finance
University of Tasmania
Private Bag 86
Hobart, Tasmania  7001
Voice: 03-6226-2278
Fax: 03-6226-7845
URL: http://www.utas.edu.au/accfin/welcome.htm
Specialization: Environmental accounting, corporate environmental reporting, environmental economics
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Young, Charlotte
Director of Practice
120 Dewhurst Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario  M4J 3J6
Voice: 416-778-4713
Design and implementation of interventions/strategies to promote
sustainable environmental decisions and effective environmental
organizations. Technical assistance, process design, seminars, and
applied research in facilitation, strategic planning, alternative
dispute resolution, public involvement, evaluation and organizational
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Roberg, Jeffrey L.
2001 Alford Park Dr.
Kenosha, WI  53140
Voice: 262-551-5805
Fax: 262-551-6208
Web Link
Human rights, environmental rights and politics, ecotourism and
sustainable tourism issues and effects, issues dealing with Latin
America broadly and with Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador (Galapagos
Islands) in particular.
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Lumby, Anthony
Faculty of Economics and Management
University of Natal
Private Bag X10
Dalbridge 4014
SOUTH AFRICAVoice: (31) 260-2661
Fax: (31) 260-1312
Specialization: Cost-benefit analysis and pricing techniques in pollution control, sustainable development.
Nasr, Mamdouh
Center for Development Research (ZEF)
Universitat Bonn
Walter Flex-Strasse 3
D-53113 Bonn
GERMANYVoice: (49 228) 73 1858
Fax: (49 228) 73 1869/1849
Specialization: Agricultural economics, agricultural policy, farm management, development economics.
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Bandyopadhyay, Manas
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kharagpur 721302
Voice: 0091-3222-83406
Fax: 0091-3222-82254
Environmental pollution control, industrial waste treatment,
environmental impact assessment, design of pollution control and
management facilities.
Nicell, James A.
Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
McGill University
817 Sherbrooke Street W.
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2K6
Voice: (514) 398-6675
Fax: (514) 398-7361
URL: http://www.mcgill.ca/civil/faculty/nicell/
Specialization: Environmental engineering, waste management, air pollution modeling and impact prediction.
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DiBartolomeis, Michael
1089 Keeler Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94708
Voice: 510-549-0408
Chemical policy (international), sustainable agriculture, environmental
justice, precautionary and holistic decision-making and management; all
in a public health context.
Piechota, David
301 Hinton Ave.
Thunder Bay, Ontario  P7A 7E6
Voice: 807-767-7724
Specialization: Social and health effects from environmental contaminants, toxicological issues.
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D’Oultremont, Thibaud
2621 Ridge Rd.
Berkeley, CA  94709
Specialization: Ethical environmental development processes for society, culture, and religion.
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Parsons, David
School of Urban and Regional Studies
Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus
Pond Street
Sheffield S1 1WB
Voice: 0114 253520
Fax: 0114 2533553
Specialization: Retail development and sustainable urban forms, property development, and urban planning.
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Aliyev, Vugar
Department of Information and Foreign Relations
Institute of Physics
H. Javid ave, 33
370143, Baku
Vice: 994-12-395140
Fax: 994-12-395961
Environmental pollution control, Industrial waste treatment, water
quality, environmental economics, environmental justice, public safety
Barresi, Paul
Associate Professor of Political Science      and Environmental Law
Southern New Hampshire University
2500 N. River Rd.
Manchester, NH  03106
Voice: 603-668-2211  ext. 2247
Fax: 603-645-9779
How legal political institutions and cultures constrain the ability of
human societies to achieve environmental policy goals, and the
strategic implications of those constraints for public and private
sector environmental actors.
Becker, John C.
Professor of Agricultural Econ. and Law
Penn State University
207C Armsby Buidling
University Park, PA  16802
Voice: 814-863-0575
Fax: 814-865-3746
URL: agenvlaw.aers.psu.edu
Specialization: Development, evaluation and application of law and policy measures to address environmental problems at the community, nation and international levels; particular interest in application to agricultural production.
Fitch, Eric
Environmental Science Program
Marietta College
215 Fifth St.
Marietta, OH  45750
Voice: 740-376-4997
Fax: 740-376-4753
URL: www.marietta.edu
Coastal zone management, religion and environmental issues, radioactive
waste policy, risk management, state and federal environmental policy,
water resources policy.
Gerlak, Andrea
Guilford College
5800 West Friendly Avenue
Greensboro, NC  27410
Voice: (336) 316-2365
Fax: (336) 316-2950
International water issues, international environmental institutions and organizations, environmental studies undergraduate interdisciplinary curricula and education.
Hasanagas, Nikolaos D.
Institute of Forest Policy and Nature Conservation
University of Goettingen
Buesgenweg 3
D-37077 Goettingen
Voice: 0049-551-393413
Fax: 0049-551-393415
EU environmental policy, power in policy networks, power theory, policy analysis, trans-sectoral policy fields, environmental sociology.
Pasoyan, Astghine V.
Advanced International Studies Unit
Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
901 D Street NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20024-2115
Voice: 202-646-5226
Fax: 202-646-7824
Economic tools of climate change prevention, international politics on
climate change, Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on
Climate Change.
Shrivastava, Meenal
International Relations
Wits University 2050
Voice: +27 11 717 4385
Fax: +27 11 717 4399
Political economy of the World Trade Organization, environmental policies, theories of international regimes, globalization, the role of technology, gender and development, contemporary South Africa and India
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Obare, Lynette
3690 Ste. Famille
Montreal, Quebec  H2X 2L4
Voice: 514-771-7871
Gender and natural resource management of common property regimes,
public participation geographic information management.
Parks, John E.
World Wildlife Fund
1250 24th Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
Voice: 202-778-9649
Fax: 202-861-8324
Adaptive management strategies for local communities and NGO’s
concerned with the conservation of their natural surroundings.
Reiter, Michael A.
Environmental Science Program
Bethune-Cookman University
640 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL  32114-3099
Voice: (386) 481-2695
Fax: (386) 481-2662
URL: http://www4.cookman.edu/faculty/reiter/index.html
Conceptual models and integrated assessment strategies for natural resource management, stakeholder-based methodologies.
Shah, Kalim U.
142 Casuarina Crescent
Lange Park
Chaguanas, Trinidad
Voice: 868-665-5619
Integration of ecological concepts in planning and management, especially as pertains to developing and industrializing countries or small island states.
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Seymoure, Penny
Carthage College
2001 Alford Park Drive
Kenosha, WI  53140
Voice: 262-654-8428
Fax: 262-551-6208
Web Link
Human rights, indigenous affairs, land rights conflicts, indigenous wisdom, deforestation and resource management in South America, especially Argentina, Brasil, and Paraguay.
Tysiachniouk, Maria
197022 Kamenoostrovsky 64
corpus 6 Apt. 272
St. Petersburg
Voice: 7(812)234-50-18
Alt. E-mail: mtysichn@ramapo.edu
In Russia: mtys@iatp10.spb.org
Russian environmental policy, sustainable development, environmental movement, NGO development, environmental sociology.
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Mani, Shyamala K.
CEE Delhi, B-24, III Floor
Greater Kailash-I
New Delhi 110048
Voice: 91-11-6234248
Fax: 91-11-6238048
URL: www.ceeindia.org
Specialization: Domestic and municipal waste, domestic and industrial wastewater, hospital waste management.
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Tovilla, Edgardo
12727 Vista del Norte #1006
San Antonio, TX  78216
Voice: 210-231-8000
Specialization: Water and wastewater environmental planning, economics and financial analysis.
Spiegel, Zane
Zane Spiegel International
P.O. Box 1541
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1541
Voice: (505) 984-2530
Fax: (505) 984-2530
In-house training programs (corporate and academic) in conjunction with the utilization of ground and surface-waters so as to preserve viable ecological associations in streams, wetlands, and estuaries globally.
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