9th International Interdisciplinary

Conference on the Environment


June 17-19, 2003


London / England

Royal National Hotel








Session Time Allocations: Each session is 90 minutes long. Each presenter should take no more than 20 minutes and, for each paper discussion, discussants should take no more than 5 minutes. The remaining time should be available for open discussion.


Session Chairs: Assume overall responsibility for your session. Make an effort to contact the session participants before the meeting. Inform them that each presentation room will be equipped with an overhead projector. Ask them if they have any special needs relating to their presentation and/or discussion. Arrive at the session room 10 minutes in advance and make sure that it is properly equipped. Welcome and introduce the participants. Start the session on time and adhere to the time schedule. Discussants should follow presenters. Moderate the open discussion to the best of your ability.


Presenters: Stay within the allotted time even though it may not be enough! Be well prepared. For audio-visual equipment other than overhead projectors, which will be provided in all meeting rooms, contact the Conference Registration Desk. You must have your session number, day, and time before equipment can be reserved. All arrangements and charges for such equipment are your responsibility. Please do not just read your paper. Your presentation of main points, methods, and conclusions should lead to a fruitful discussion during and after the session. Make available copies of your paper.


Discussants: Be prepared to offer your "positive" remarks first. Then offer any "negative" remarks in a constructive way. Stay within the allotted time. If you cannot meet your commitment, please make an effort to find a substitute discussant, and contact the registration desk as well as the session chair immediately. Please contribute as much as you can to the discussion of all papers. If the session's chair is absent, the last discussant listed should take on the role of the chair.





TUESDAY: June 17, 2003




8:00-8:45 AM

Room: Galleon A



Date: 6-17  Time: 8:45-10:15 AM  Room: Gallery Lounge1

Session [1]:         Policy and the Environment: The

                              Politics of Trust



Panel A                                          Topic


Eric J. Fitch1                                 National Security,

Marietta                                         Environmental Protection

USA                                                and Pragmatic Conflicts in

Practicing Democracy in Times of War                                                                  


Linda Hadfield2                           Public Trust and the

Greengauge Consultancy          Environment



Edosa Egharevba3                       In Need of a Sustainable

Nigeria                                           State Manager for

                                                        Sustainable Environment



Chair: Tsai-Shiou Hsieh


Discussants: 1  Peter Schultz,  2  Peter Schultz, 3 Tsai-Shiou Hsieh




Contact Time/Coffee/Tea Break


10:15-10:30 PM

Room: Galleon Suite


Date: 6-17           Time: 10:30-Noon AM  Room: Galleon A

Session [2]: Oilspills: Study and Solution



Panel B                                          Topic


Maria Luisa Chas-Amil1             Lessons from the Aegean Sea

Universidade de Santiago          Oil Spill: Galicia-Spain

de Compostela



Robert A. Karayev2                     Environmental Monitoring of

A.B. Gasanov                               Caspian Oilfields, New

Academy of Sciences                  Paradigm, New Solutions

R. M. Guliyev

Baku State University

R.I. Nabiyev

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy




Chair: Beverly Kracher


Discussants: 1 Michael Reiter, 2 Paul Bruno





Date: 6-17           Time: 10:30-Noon  Room: Gallery Lounge 1

Session [3]:         Mistrust among the Trees




Panel A                                          Topic


Nikolas D. Hasanagas1                Assessing Susceptibility to

Goettingen University                Corruption in Environmental

Germany                                        and Rural-Forest Policy

                                                        Making through Quantitative

                                                        Network Analysis: Socio-

                                                        Informatics in the Service

                                                        of the Judiciary


Alejandra Real Toro2                          Assessing Trust and

Goettingen University                Trustworthiness of State and

Germany                                        NGO’s in Rural-Forest and

                                                        Environmental Policy




Chair: Meenal Shrivastava


Discussants: 1 Gun-Woo Do, 2 Ginger Murphy






Lunch Break/Open Time

12:00 NOON - 1:30 PM



Date: 6-17           Time: 1:30-3:00  Room:  Gallery Lounge 1               

Session [4]:         Environmental Decline: A Failure of




Panel A                                          Topic


John Agbonifo1                            How Global Environmental

The American University           Dialogue Promotes Ecological

Egypt                                             Degradation and Dialogic

                                                        Erasure at the Grassroots



Anthony Lumby  2                               The Persistence of

University of Natal                      Environmental Degradation:

South Africa                                 A Study in Failure



Naran-Undrakh Baatar3              The Human Impact on

Institute of Geography               the Environment of

Mongolia                                      Mongolia




Chair: Paul Bruno


Discussants: 1 Paul Bruno, 2 Eric Fitch, 3 Ram Vemuri





Date: 6-17           Time: 1:30-3:00 PM  Room: Galleon A          

Session [5]:         The Ethics of Corporate Profit:

                              What’s Possible




Panel B                                          Topic


Geoffrey George1                 Is Triple-Bottom-Line

Victoria University                     Reporting of Enterprise

of Technology                             Performance Possible?




James Hazelton2                           A Comment on the

Matthew Haigh                            Mechanism of Socially

Macquarie University                 Responsible Investment



Rosalind Malcolm3                       Consumer Society And The New

University Of Surrey                   Regulatory Paradigm for

Guildford, UK                               Sustainable Development                                                                                                                                           


Chair: Vijaya Gupta


Discussants: 1 Antje Wirthgen, 2 Linda Hadfield,  3 Andrew Brown





Contact Time/Coffee/Tea Break


3:00-3:25 PM

Room: Galleon Suite

Date: 6-17           Time: 3:25-4:15 PM  Room: Galleon A

Session [6]:        



Keynote A                                             Topic


Andrew Brown                                     Ecology and Intellectual

University of Texas                             Health




Introduction:  Demetri Kantarelis





WEDNESDAY: June 18, 2003



Contact Time/Coffee/Tea



8:00-8:45 AM

Room: Galleon Suite




Date: 6-18  Time: 8:45-10:15 AM  Room: Galleon A

Session [7]:         Waste Not Want Not. Does It Work?



Panel A                                          Topic


Tsai-Shiou Hsieh1                         To Recycle or Not to Recycle?

City University of                       Analyzing New York City’s                                     

New York                                      Cut of Recycling Programs




Michael Reiter2                            Four-Tier Conceptual

Delaware State University         Modeling for Interdisciplinary

G.R. Parsons                                  Resource Management

University of Delaware

Robert W. Scarborough




Chair: Eric Fitch


Discussants: 1 Anthony Lumby, 2 Linda Hadfield



Date: 6-18 Time: 8:45-10:15 AM  Room: Gallery Lounge 1

Session [8]:         Ways of Thinking about the Environment:

                              Helping to Achieve Sustainability   



Panel B                                          Topic


Brenda Bushell1                           CEWA: An International,

Muashi Institute of                      Interdisciplinary, Education,

Technology                                  Environmental Partnership


Ujswal Pratibha Danjol

Shisha Ninetan


Beverly Kracher

Creighton University


Bridget Lyons

Sacred Heart University



Barbara Regeer2                           The Epistemology of

J.F.G. Bunders                              Transdisciplinary Research

Free University Amsterdam

The Netherlands



Andrew Brown3                           The Designed Environment and

University of Texas, USA        Health




Chair: John Agbonifo


Discussants: 1 Barbara Regeer, 2 Kimberly Reiter,

                     3 Brenda Bushell






Contact Time/Coffee/Tea Break


10:15-10:30 AM

Room: Galleon Suite


Date: 6-18           Time: 10:30-Noon  Room: Galleon A

Session [9]:         Macro, Micro, Local: Three

                              Levels of Environmental

                              Interaction, Protection and




Panel A                                          Topic


Meenal Shrivastava1                   World Trade Organisation

University of Witwatersrand     and Multilateral Environmental

South Africa                                 Agreements


John Lofstedt2                              Perennial, Anthropoganic

V. Brenner, R. Buchanan           Waters Sources and Their

C. Crawford, C. Colwell             Interaction with East African

K. Donahue, H. Gooch                Browsers and Grazers: Ndarakwai

A. Lefebvre, R. Lentz                  Ranch, Tanzania: A Case Study

B. Middlekauff, L. Reitsma

Plymouth State College



Ginger Murphy3                           Community Planning for

United States Department          Farmland Protection; Federal

of Agriculture                               Assistance to Local

USA                                                Governments




Chair: James Hazelton


Discussants: 1 Geoffrey George, 2 Meenal Shrivastava, 3 Eric





Date: 6-18           Time: 10:30-Noon  Room: Gallery Lounge 1

Session [10]:       From Greenhouse to My House:

                              Preparing for Change




Panel B                                          Topic


Vijaya Gupta1                               Global Climate Change:

National Institute of                    India’s Local Concerns

Industrial Engineering



Siva Ram Vemuri2                       Managing Health Effects of

Northern Territory                       Extreme Weather Events

University, Australia


Bekir Parlak3                                 Environmental Problems of the

Uluda University, Turkey         Black Sea


Mustafa Okmen

Celal Bayer University, Turkey



Chair: Peter Schultz


Discussants: 1 Joseph Petrick, 2 Andrew Brown,

                     3 Siva Ram Vemuri





Lunch Break/Open Time


12:00 NOON - 1:30 PM

Date: 6-18           Time: 1:30-3:00 PM Room: Galleon A

Session [11]:      Environmental Lessons: Learning from the Past



Panel B                                          Topic


Paul Bruno1                                  The Dilemma of Conceiving

Assumption College                   Nature in Western Philosophy:

USA                                                Kant’s Critical Writings


Eric J. Fitch2                                 Abrahamic Religious and

Marietta College                                 Roman Legal Roots of

USA                                                Environmental Protection:

                                                        Utility of Ancient Doctrines in

                                                        Modern Society


Paul Gallagher3                            Leon Kass and the Ethics

Assumption College                   of Eating





Chair: Joseph Petrick


Discussants: 1John Agbonifo, 2 Paul Bruno, 3 Joseph Petrick





Date: 6-18 Time: 1:30-3:00 PM Room: Gallery Lounge  1

Session [12]:      Environmental Economics: Bread and

                              Water Issues



Panel C                                          Topic



Gun-Woo Do1                               Decision-Making Analysis

Seung-Jun Kwak                          of Dam Construction Policy:

Korea University                         Application of Analytic

Korea                                             Hierarchy Process


Antje Wirthgen2                           Willingness to Pay for

University of Hanover                Food from Nature Conservation-

Germany                                        A Survey throughout the Whole

                                                        Food Chain


Manas Bandyopadhyay3            Problem of Arsenic in

Indian Institute                            Groundwater – A Feasible

of Technology                             Solution

Asok Adak

Anil Kumar Dikshit                                            




Chair: Linda Hadfield


Discussants: 1 Beverly Kracher, 2 Meenal Shrivastava,

                     3 Robert Karayev




Contact Time/Coffee/Tea Break


3:00-3:15 PM



Date: 6-18           Time: 3:15-4:45 PM Room: Gallery Lounge 1                              

Session [13]:     


Panel B                                          Topic



Michael Reiter                             Workshop: Four-Tier

Delaware State University         Conceptual Modeling for

USA                                                Interdisciplinary Resource





Date: 6-18           Time: 3:15-4:45 PM  Room: Galleon A

Session [14]:      Roundtable Discussion



Topic     Who’s Driving the Bus on the Road to Sustainable




Moderator: Peter Schultz





Date: 6-18           Time: 5:00-5:45 PM  Room: Galleon A

Session [15]:       IEA Annual Report: All Invited

                              10th Anniversary Plans

                              Old Business

                              New Business




Session  [16]: IEA Dinner 7:00-9:00 PM

ROOM: Windsor Room



Dinner Speaker                            Topic


Joseph Petrick                              Designer Food and

Wright State University             Sustainability




Introduction: Demetri Kantarelis