The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA), founded in 1994, is an organization of academics and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives who believe that environmental problems require an interdisciplinary approach that needs to be clearly reflected in an organization dedicated to enhancing the discussion of these issues across disciplinary and political boundaries. The mission of the IEA is thus to bring together all disciplines so that environmental knowledge is enhanced though interdisciplinary communications. The goals of the organization are to enhance understanding of environmental issues by educating each other in an interdisciplinary format, and to present disciplinary perspectives of environmental problems to people outside those disciplines, as well as to those outside academia, in a clear, understandable fashion.


Kappa Alpha Omicron is Here!

Kappa Alpha Omicron, the international interdisciplinary honor society in environmental science and study organized by the IEA, has formed its first chapters after its formal launch at the 20th IICE. Shane Epting of the University of North Texas is the new Head of KAO. For information on the society and instructions on forming a chapter, go to the Kappa Alpha Omicron page.


21st IICE, June 10-13 2015: Call for Papers and Posters

Hyatt House

Hyatt House San Juan
615 Ave Fernandez Juncos Distrito de Convenciones
San Juan, Puerto Rico  00907

 The IEA, committed to an interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues, is now accepting submissions of papers and posters for the 2015 IICE! We welcome research that crosses the boundaries of traditional disciplines to frame environmental problems, propose working models or initiate field or community projects. As part of a new initiative, the IEA has also set aside sessions for undergraduates and special events for students. These include:

1. Best paper and poster awards
2. Student reception
3. Field trips

The 21st International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment will be held June 10th – 13th, 2015. For information, click on the 2015 Conference tab or contact Shane Epting, Conference Chair, at ieaconference@gmail.com.